This year you can...

Give Your Child a Birthday Party That
Their Friends Will Be Talking About
For Months!

Parties at our martial arts center are more than just dropping the kids off at the fun zone...and letting them run crazy for hours.

They're fun, structured events that kids brag
about for months after they've ended.


Here's everything that's included in your Birthday
Package, and a glimpse into the
fun activities ahead...

*Also, scroll down to see what other parents
are saying about our parties...

1.5 hours of supervised fun and excitement (you can relax and let our staff chaperone and supervise the kids - or get involved! There are plenty of fun activities for the parents to help out in too!)

Your child will cut the cake with a real sword (this is carefully supervised of course - and will make them feel like the coolest kid to have ever walked this earth ;-)

Parents can get involved too! Feel like relaxing? Go ahead. We'll take care of everything. Feel like getting involved? Great! There are ways parents can play and have fun in every activity that we do!

The party can hold up to 15 kids for a fun time that's not too out of hand.

You can expect non-stop games, activities, challenges, and even learning some martial arts the whole way through

And when we give martial arts instruction - your kid will be at the head of the room leading the way! (They'll feel like a total champ!)

At the party, we'll also help your child
showcase their martial arts skills... and
make them feel like a total superstar.

Here's how:

• In the party, we show all of the kids some basic martial arts moves - and your child will be at the head of the class, teaching along with

• In fact, your kid will even break a board in front of
all of their friends
(This one makes jaws drop every time! Of course, this is only if your child has reached this level of training)...

Their friends will be amazed when they see how much they've learned - and for weeks after the party it'll be all that they talk about... (Don't be surprised when all of their friends start signing up for martial arts class too!) Why we do this, and why it's so powerful:

• This kind of positive feedback from their peers will boost your child's confidence and self-esteem - and make them feel proud of themselves, and everything that they've accomplished...

They'll really see how far they've come in their training through the compliments and shocked expressions on their friends' faces.

“Okay, this sounds awesome! How
much does it cost?”

For 1.5 hours of fun for your child and 15 or so of his or her friends, you'd easily pay $550
at the local fun zone... the zoo... or practically anywhere else. And - none of those
places provide close supervision. That's up to you and the other parents!

Plus - those parties aren't nearly as fun as ours! ;)

However, when you call today, you can schedule your child's birthday party for just $299.
And that includes; full supervision from our qualified instructors and staff and...

Basic Package

Cost: $299

  • Birthday Invitations
  • Spellbinding martial Arts Class
  • Fun Games and Prizes
  • Goodie bags for all the kids
  • All paper Products
  • Up to 10 kids
  • $15 each additional guest.
  • Family members are FREE.

Deluxe Package

Cost: $399

  • All Basic Package benefits PLUS
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Thank you cards
  • Birthday Child gets to Break a real board
  • Pizza & Drinks for all kids included
  • GOODIE bag gift for every KID
  • Birthday child gets to cut their Cake w/ Samurai Sword
  • Up to 20 kids
  • $15 each additional guest.
  • Family members are FREE.

X-Treme Package

Cost: $499

  • ALL Deluxe Package Benefits PLUS
  • Birthday Child custom party shirt
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Birthday child gets to keep their SAMURAI SWORD!
  • Up to 30 kids
  • $15 each additional guest.
  • Family members are FREE.

Here is a checklist of what you will need to bring to the party:

Cakes, candles, lighter



Signed waivers for all non-students - Mandatory

If you love the party, we would appreciate a brief testimonial

Gratuity not included in package price, yet greatly appreciated.

But Be Warned!!!

Since our parties are so poplular (most kids literally have 2-4 parties with us and
keep coming back year after year) our dates book up really quick.

Just Call Now to Schedule Your
Child's Big Birthday Event!


*When you call, we'll answer any questions you have, and get you and your child
all signed up for their big birthday party!

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